Q & A – Nakiz Lively Nose

Q & A

Q: Is Nakiz Lively Nose FDA approved?

A: Yes, our product is all FDA approved. Our FDA No is 10-1-6200030964

Q: What are the ingredients use for this product?

A: Our ingredients are made of water, gelatin, titanium dioxide, perfume, alpha arbutin, camellia sinensis leaf extract, methylparaben, propylpareben

Q: What comes inside the package?

A: 1 nose cream (15g) and 50 sheets of white nose strip paper

Q: How many time should use this product?

A: Use it every 1-2 weeks or whenever you have a lot of blackheads

Q: Can this product be use for other parts of face?

A: This cream is not just for the nose, you can also use it for your cheeks, chin and forehead